Softline Maestro. September Release: vSphere, Budgets by Tags, New Reports

  • 01 Sep 2020
Softline Maestro is a hybrid cloud management platform that supports AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, and OpenStack based clouds. Latest release brings support of vSphere 6.7 (VMware), use of tags for budget control, page with audit events stream, new reports and notifications, new wizards to manage storage volumes and SDK keys. 

Integration with vSphere 6.7

Platform now supports authentication for vSphere regions, operations with instances: run, start, stop, reboot, and terminate; management actions with instances, templates, and storage volumes. 

Tags for budget control

Maestro extends functionality for cost tracking with tags. Now users can set budget quotas by specified tags. This way, project managers can limit expenses for resources created with particular tag. Any number of tags are available for billing in Azure and Google Cloud Platform, tags for AWS require special configuration and are restricted from Maestro interface. 

Audit stream

New tab in Maestro interface provides stream of audit event logs related to the specified tenant and region. Functionality supports filtering events by categories, search, and review if the instance related events. 

Operations with storage volumes

Manage Storage wizard allows Maestro users to create, resize, attach, detach, and remove storage volumes.

New reports and notifications

This release brings new reports and notifications that are automatically generated and sent to subscribed users according to a regular schedule, or triggered by an event:
  • AWS Images Health Check report,
  • Monthly Analytic Optimization report,
  • All Resources Costs report for Azure, 
  • Default Owner Changed Approval notification, 
  • AWS Temporary Access Credentials notification.

Security reports

Maestro integration with cloud providers supports notifications flow of the cloud native security services. New security reports:
  • Vulnerabilities report gives information about found vulnerabilities, includes Qualys cloud view report and cloud security centers recommendations
  • Security Audit report shows security vulnerabilities grouped by severity level and by resource type and provides detailed information on all found vulnerabilities
  • AWS IAM Users report is a weekly report on IAM User activity: active users, new users created, deleted, or issued with temporary access during a week
  • AWS MFA report is a weekly report with the list of users issued with multi-factor authentication access not activated within a week.

SDK key management

SDK keys are used to access Maestro SDK, to manage private agents for VMware and OpenStack regions, and to configure integration with different third-party tools. New wizard allows users to create, review, and remove SDK keys from UI.

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